A cookie, not the edible one, is a small text file that is downloaded and stored on your computer when you open a webpage that uses cookies

This is a technology that is used all over the world wide web. The purpose of our cookies, is to increase usablity of the webpage and provide us with statistics.

Some cookies are used to store session data.
These are often deleted once you close your browser.
Other cookies are persistent cookies.
These are not deleted, but have an expiration date.
Persistent cookies can typically contain information regarding authentication and custom menus.
This makes future visits to the website more tailored to the user.
Accepting cookies is needed for many parts of our site.
If you turn off cookies in your browser, most parts of our site will not function properly.

The cookies that we use for our pages are:

Session data
We use session cookies to store information about the session, so that we can provide a unique user experience based on the session details, and keep you logged in.

Third party
Third party cookies are primarely used to register and analyse statistics on banner and bannerclicks.

Deactivate and delete cookies
In all browsers you should have the oppertunity to enable/disable/delete cookies. For in depth information regarding how to, read your browsers help pages, or consult their manual.

More information about our third-party actors see our privacy statement (norwegian)